Your Guide To Edible Flowers

Nothing says springtime in the south like the burst of colorful flowers that appear just as the weather gets warm. If you’re like me, then you love to bring a sampling of nature inside to brighten up your home after a long winter. What you may not know, is that many of these beautiful creations can be used to top off your favorite dishes as well! As garden party season arrives, surprise your guests with their favorite edible flowers on their plate, instead of in a vase!

Flowers can be a delicious and beautiful edition to many dishes, but if done improperly can be dangerous. Follow the safety tips below.

Edible Flower Safety Tips:

  1. Be sure you are eating the correct flower. Some flowers can look similar but are unsafe to eat.
  2. Use organic flowers. Many garden shops use harmful pesticides you don’t want to consume.
  3. Wash your flowers before you eat them!
  4. For many of the edible flowers, you will only want to eat the petals and avoid the rest. Do some research if you are unsure.

There are many kinds of edible flowers but I’ve included a sample of my favorites that I think most readers will find both beautiful and easily accessible.

Want some ideas for flower friendly dishes? Check out the sampling below!

Salad - Sprinkle in some edible flowers for a fresh spin on your favorite spring salad.

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Cake – No need for sugary sprinkles or icings! Top your baked goods with a colorful combination of edible flowers for the perfect dessert centerpiece

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Ice cubes – Freeze some edible flowers in ice cube trays to liven up your water glass

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Have fun experimenting this spring and summer! Comment with pictures of your own edible flower dishes below!